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Welcome to the Sea Ice Exhibition Centre at Blönduós!

Sea Ice Exhibition Centre at Blönduós
Phone: +354 452 4848

About the exhibition

The Hillebrandt’s house is one of Iceland’s oldest wooden houses and has itself a long and interesting history. Today it holds an assortment of information on sea ice. The Sea Ice Exhibition opened in 2006 and displays a combination of posters, photographs and artifacts related to the arctic region. Sea ice phenomena from many angles are described. For example, you can find information about the arctic region, changes in the weather, sea ice around Iceland, a weather station at the town of Blönduós, sea ice research through time, East Greenland and the king of the Arctic – the polar bear.

Why a Sea Ice Exhibition Centre in Blönduós?

The town of Blönduós is located at Húnaflói (or “Huna Bay”) named after the young of the polar bear, the king of the animal kingdom in the north. As such it is an appropriate location for a sea ice exhibition. The name is symbolic of the sea ice that is the home of the polar bear. The Huna Bay is also the most common location of sea ice around Iceland.

Sea ice around Iceland

Through the ages sea ice has made life more difficult for the Icelanders, cooled down the air flowing around the country, closed down sailing routes and covered the abundant fishing banks. In the old days when there would be a large mass of sea ice, people would even fear polar bears being carried on drift ice from Greenland. On the other hand, it is the ice that contributed to the naming of the country, Iceland.

Opening hours

The Sea Ice Exhibition is open every day from 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. in the summer. Closed in the winter.

Fun facts

  • Every so often the Huna Bay is filled with sea ice and occasionally an iceberg can be seen floating about. What is the difference between the two?
  • The country was called Thule for about 1200 years. Should we change the name of the country to the beautiful name of Thule? Think it over!
  • Sea ice is merely one of many manifestations of water. Imagine how far water in an iceberg floating on Huna Bay might have traveled!
  • The Arctic Ocean measures more than 14 thousand square kilometers, which is 1.5 times the square kilometers of the United States. The ocean’s coastline is approximately 45 thousand kilometers long.
  • Sea ice had almost become a faint memory when suddenly in the mid 1960’s the ‘old enemy’ appeared on the horizon and moved towards the coastline just as it had in the old days. In 1968 there was more sea ice around Iceland than there had been since 1888.
  • The polar bear lives close to the sea ice. A great hiker and expert swimmer, he can cover significant distances on both land and in the sea. Polar bears have been seen swimming more than 100 kilometers away from land or ice.

Please note:

The Sea Ice Exhibition phone number (452 4848) is not available from August 31st 2009 until June 1st 2010. For more information, please e-mail us at

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